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Could your “cloud” cost you a million pounds?

Here’s what I mean…

You probably already know this, but with more people “going remote”...

To manage all these people, more companies are going to the cloud.

(I know what you’re thinking, “welcome to one year ago, Anthony”)

But what most people DON’T know?

Over 90% of “the cloud” is driven by Linux servers (shocker, the cloud isn’t real — it’s just someone else’s Linux server).

And that’s where the problems start…

Imagine this for a moment:

You get a call from an employee…

“I can’t open any of my files!”

Then another….

“I can’t login to my email!”

And suddenly?

Support tickets are exploding…

Everyone’s locked out.

Nobody could do business.


The popups start.

“We are have all your data. Pay us 1 million in bitcoin or we’ll dump your company on the dark web.”

You just got targeted with a ransomware attack.

So what can you do?


Option 1:

Pay it. And maybe they’ll release your files. Maybe they take your money, dump your files on the dark web…

Either way? You’re kinda screwed.

Option 2:

You hope your “cloud” can load your backups.

And look at that…

They only update every week.

Which means you’re a week behind…

Which may as well be 100 years behind.


Option ZERO:

Prevent it from ever happening.

So for business owners with remote workers…

If I offered to show you how we prevent these attacks before they happen…

Would you take me up on that offer?

Send me a message, and I’ll see if we can help.

(Or if you’ve been attacked? Message me NOW and we’ll get on a call ASAP)

Hope this helps.

— Anthony



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